This week, RecMan extended its records management for Google Apps by adding to Gmail, IdentityLogix adds security module to VMWare, M-Files and NetSuite integrate, CaseCentral puts R5 on general release and Recommind’s Axcelerate e-Discovery is named trend-setting technology for 2011.

Gmail Gets Records Management

More good things for Google Apps, this time from RecMan, the developer of RecMan for Google Apps, an enterprise-level platform for the management of document compliance processes for Google

This time, RecMan has announced the release of RecMan for Gmail, the second in a suite of applications for users of Google.

RecMan for Gmail provides administrators in organizations of any size with control over development and deployment of records management processes for e-mail messages and documents within the Gmail domain.

RecMan for Gmail, like RecMan for Google Apps, enables users to deploy records management policies, including tiered file plans, retention schedules, disposition policies and legal holds, using a browser interface with centralized controls and access management.

The technology is designed to support three main standards for records management, including ISO 15489, DoD 5015.2 and MoReq2, which means that organizations subject to FISMA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory guidelines can use RecMan for official records management work.

VMWare’s New Security Module

IdentityLogix, which provides security intelligence and real-time data actualization, has announced the addition of SpyLogix for VMware.

The module organizes and leverages security data from VMware infrastructures providing enhanced visibility into both VMware administrative role based access control (RBAC) and task information, in one software product.

SpyLogix for VMware is designed to acquire, organize and leverage VMware RBAC security data that defines administrative user permissions. It is configured and stored within multiple resources used by VMware, with each resource having an assigned order of precedence within VMware’s security hierarchy.

And with the granularity of RBAC permissions offered by VMware, complexity in management and control over administrative permissions increases exponentially. SpyLogix for VMware simplifies administrative security to enable desired benefits available through a virtualized infrastructure.

VMware produces non-persistent and persistent activity data as administrators and the system itself performs tasks. SpyLogix for VMware also provides convenient continuous access to, and leverage of, VMware task information.

A a  result, VMware administrative security and activity data is managed and available for query, analysis and reporting to improve visibility into VMware virtual system operations, with data actualization features facilitating automated VMware security data monitoring.

M-Files Integrates with NetSuite

Meanwhile, M-Files this week announced the integration of M-Files into NetSuite providing a permanent electronic record for any ERP, CRM or financial event.

NetSuite enables companies to manage core business operations in one system, which includes ERP accounting, CRM and eCommerce.

M-Files for NetSuite improves productivity and reduces errors by making  relevant documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, financial statements, inventory sheets and shipping forms, available from within NetSuite.

In addition, version history and check-in/check-out provide access to the latest up-to-date documents while also facilitating team collaboration and data security by managing access to documents that are edited by multiple team members.

The integration of M-Files into NetSuite was completed by Software Solutions for Business (, an M-Files Solution Provider and certified NetSuite specialist.

Functionality includes access permissions, version control, automated workflow, audit trail logging and support for electronic signatures enable companies to meet regulatory compliance mandates.

CaseCentral Puts R5 on General Release

Also this week, CaseCentral, which provides cloud-based e-Discovery software for corporate counsel and law firms, has announced the general availability for Release 5 of its cloud-based e-Discovery software.

CaseCentral R5 connects the enterprises to the cloud, providing corporations and law firms with transparent multi-matter, multi-party management of litigation, regulatory responses and internal investigations via a centralized legal repository.

Recommind's Axcelerate e-Discovery is Trendsetter

Finally, Recommind, which provides predictive information management, has announced that KMWorld magazine has chosen Axcelerate e-Discovery with Predictive Coding as one of its Trend-Setting Products for 2011.

Powered by Recommind’s CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) platform, Axcelerate e-Discovery covers the spectrum of e-Discovery and regulatory responses.

More than 800 products were assessed by KMWorld’s judging panel, which consists of journalists, analysts, system integrators, vendors, line-of-business managers and users. All products selected demonstrate technology breakthroughs that serve the vendors’  spectrum of constituencies, especially their customers.