This week HP has launched a suite of new products that aims to offer enterprises developing hybrid clouds GRC across applications and infrastructure, Guidance extends e-Discovery software to iPad, Digital Reef and Relativity team-up for e-Discovery, and Protiviti adds Arabic to its governance portal.

HP Offers Hybrid Cloud GRC

HP (news, site) continues to pursue its ambitions in the cloud this week with the release of a suite of new cloud products and services that offer unified security, governance and compliance across both applications as well as virtual and physical infrastructures.

Designed for enterprise level businesses, the new suite of products should also find an audience in the government and federal agencies that are looking to move to the cloud but concerned about data security.

The new HP Hybrid Delivery is built around its Converged Infrastructure strategy and its Cloud Service Automation software and provides everything needed to develop hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions, which is generally accepted to be the intermediary step for business that are taking the first cautious steps into the cloud.

This is a substantial offering compromising four different parts:

  • HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Computer: A hybrid private cloud from HP's data centers.
  • HP CloudSystem: Unified security, governance and compliance across applications.
  • HP Cloud Discovery Workshop: Helps clients develop a cloud strategy.
  • HP Financial Services: Maximizes capital requirements when building private cloud deployments.

Along with Dell, HP has been looking to the cloud to expand its core business. However, it’s not an easy path as there are many others there already including IBM, Microsoft and Amazon.

Guidance Extends e-Discovery to iPad

Guidance Software has just announced a new forensic tool for the Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod touch giving digital investigators the ability to perform forensic analysis and e-discovery on the tablet.

EnCase Neutrino is designed for e-Discovery workers who need to review and forensically collect data from mobile devices. Users can process and analyze mobile device data alongside other types of digital evidence within any EnCase product.

The process starts with a capture of the SIM card and then the phone with the ability to collect, analyze and preserve many types of data including: device settings, contacts, call logs, messages, calendar and other files stored on the device -- all potentially relevant to a criminal case or ongoing litigation.

Features include text parsing to help speed through the investigation as well as signal blocking to ensure forensic integrity. Easy to use, it also comes with a phone Wizard to simplify the collection process. Check it out here.

Relativity and Digital Reef offer e-Discovery

Digital Reef (news, site) has just announced a new development partnership with Relativity to integrate Digital Reef’s e-Discovery software and Relativity's (news, site) kCura’s legal review.

The new Digital Reef Review Exchange will enable users to exchange culled, review-ready native files and documents directly within Relativity. The benefits include the ability to work with best-in-class solutions for matter collections, processing, early case assessment and legal review.

The e-Discovery element automatically manages the legal process and flow of information per the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Additionally, the integration will allow Relativity users to execute additional searches and analysis using the power of Digital Reef, without leaving the Relativity user interface. Digital Reef will be demonstrating the Review Exchange for Relativity at the LegalTech 2011 conference taking place in New York from January 31 to February 2, 2011.

DocsCorp Upgrades Productivity Suite

DocsCorp (news, site) also plans to be at LegalTech with its productivity suite versions of two of DocsCorp products -- pdfDocs Desktop and compareDocs , which are to be launched as part of the upcoming Worldox Productivity Suite.

The Worldox Productivity Suite versions of pdfDocs Desktop and compareDocs will not have some of the advanced features of the full professional versions, but will provide many of the essential functions of these products, while still providing a cost-effective upgrade price to the full versions.

This means that Worldox users will be able to create, merge and secure PDF documents from any software application, as well as have the ability to compare Word documents and produce redline or track change results documents. All this is fully integrated into the Worldox document management software.

Protiviti Governance Portal Adds Arabic

Protiviti (news, site) has just announced it has enhanced the multilingual capabilities of its Governance Portal with an Arabic translation for users who are accustomed to reading right-to-left.

The new capability makes it easier for multinational companies, including those in more than 25 Middle Eastern and African countries, to establish and manage a uniform GRC strategy.

Users can access the same Governance Portal system in their respective languages, ensuring uniform communication and reliable consolidated reporting across an international user community while also gaining increased GRC efficiency and improved decision-making.

Other supported languages include, Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. In addition, the Governance Portal offers a simplified translation upload capability that enables local offices to add additional languages into the system or add local dialects and business terms into an existing translation.