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Keeping passwords safe and secure is a concern for anyone who uses a computer or digital device, but Zoho Vault, a new enterprise level password management tool from application developer Zoho wants to lessen that concern.

A Good Password isn't 12345

These days, everything needs a password -- from email to file storing and even some news sites -- but not all passwords are easy to remember. In order to protect their data people must have a number of different passwords with complicated letter, number and character combinations. Common problems that are caused because of this include people storing these passwords in unsafe places such as in a spreadsheet document and on notepads, forgetting the code and having to continually reset it and choosing an automatic sign-in option, which might leave information vulnerable if someone else uses the same device. And while information security is a concern for everyone, it's even more important to businesses who store a lot of private information, such as financial records, employee information and business transactions in its servers.

With Zoho Vault  enterprise users will be able to store passwords, no matter how complicated in a safe, easy to use password manager to avoid these and other security issues.

Zoho Vault

It’s all About Security

Password management may be the central purpose of Zoho Vault, but it isn't its only function or feature. The platform boasts an AES-256 or a host-proofing hosting encryption system, which means that the passwords are saved at the browser level, the system only stores encrypted data and not the code used to access the encrypted information stored. 

If members of a company need to share passwords, this can be easily done by granting other users access privileges and different security levels.This permission can be revoked at any time. The system also offers administrative-level visibility to monitor password usage and access.

When using Zoho, users will be able to visit password protected sites and platforms without having to copy and paste or type in the password. According to a statement from the company, with a one-click sign-on users will be able to launch any website or app they use from within Zoho Vault without having to look up the password.

Other features include passwords being grouped together for easy access and two factor authentication to ensure information remains protected.

There are two versions of Zoho Vault, a free, personal edition designed for a single user or a paid enterprise edition for an unlimited amount of users.

Zoho Vault is also available as an iPhone app, along with the company's other new release, Zoho Pulse, a collaborative social network which is available in both iOS and Android versions.

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