EMC IIGs 3rd Platform Journey Begins MMTM14

Sure, computing’s 3rd platform has plenty of appeal, but that doesn’t mean enterprises are trekking to it yet. After all, most of today’s businesses run on the 2nd platform and they’re quite happy there — or at least they can’t justify a move at the moment

But some problems and business processes can’t wait. They cry out for new ways of getting things done. And when EMC’s Information Intelligence Group President Rick Devenuti and his team see a customer with a problem, they help solve it. When they see many customers with the same problem, they build a solution.

Such was the impetus behind EMC’s Supplier Exchange. It connects information to work in a way that only the cloud can.

Introducing EMC IIG’s First SaaS Solution

Picture, if you will, the massive number of documents and other kinds of content that are generated while building, maintaining and supporting a power plant, an oil refinery or a utility network. There are architectural plans, engineering diagrams, contractor and subcontractor proposals and bids, purchase orders, maintenance records … we could go on.

To say that capital projects are drowning in paperwork is an understatement -- and managing it all is a nightmare. Especially because a great deal of coordination, collaboration, status updates and approvals are needed along the way.

Until now, many project sponsors have relied solely on EMC’s Documentum based Energy Plants and Facilities Management Solution Suite (Documentum EPFM) to handle it all. But the advent of the cloud presents new opportunities to accelerate time to financial milestones by streamlining the fulfillment and tracking of contractual deliverables.

Today, at EMC World’s Momentum Conference in Las Vegas, Devenuti and team are unveiling Supplier Exchange, a SaaS based solution that addresses the problem in a previously unimagined way. It leverages open source based Pivotal Cloud Foundry and provides project sponsors with complete visibility and shared accountability for the quality of contract deliverables while expediting the distribution, review and approval of transmittals and other critical project documentation.

The beauty of a cloud based solution, according to EMC, is that it offers high scale elasticity, multi tenancy and automated deployment with a cloud independent approach that provides customers a vendor agnostic path toward cloud portability.

Working in conjunction with Documentum’s EPFM, it redefines work via the hybrid cloud.

The First of Many

This is the first completely new, cloud-based solution that EMC IIG has delivered, ever. 

But it’s unlikely that it will be alone for long because the company’s Application-Platform-as-a-Service (APaaS) offering provides fertile soil on which content rich, SaaS based solutions can be built.

EMC IIG Reimagines ECM

EMC IIG has held a leadership position in ECM for the better part of two decades and there’s no wondering why. The company brings nearly unparalleled value to customers through the latest tools and technologies because it understands their businesses.