In an era of mobile agility and digital security, businesses are continually challenged to offer the opportunity for employees to access secure applications from a variety of devices. In an ideal world, workers could use their own mobile devices to access necessary applications and third-party platforms while IT professionals were confident in their ability to lock down, wipe and other wise control and provide secure access. Thanks to Centrify, we’re one step closer.

Are You in Control of Your Enterprise's Identity?

Centrify Corporation has introduced a new cloud-based offering that lets organizations centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services, while also giving end users much needed single sign-on to address the password sprawl associated with these new technologies. We spoke with Tom Kemp, CEO and Corey Williams, senior director of product management about the new release and how Centrify is working to align itself with the current state of enterprise identity.

From IT’s point of view, the ways that employees can access necessary but sensitive information increases everyday. Whether it’s through cloud-based platforms, mobile apps or website plugins, employees are afforded more flexibility, but at what risk? Furthermore, the rapid adoption of SaaS applications combined with Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) programs means that IT organizations increasingly don’t own the endpoint device or the back-end application resources. Without centralized management of a user’s digital identity across all on-premises and cloud resources, it’s very easy to have it spiral out of control, making networks extremely vulnerable.

Centrify’s comprehensive SaaS and Cloud Services support more than 400 operating systems, dozens of on-premises apps and there is rich support for mobile devices. It also lets customers leverage their existing Microsoft Active Directory investment across the industry’s broadest range of systems, mobile devices and apps deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. But ultimately, Centrify’s new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering -- Centrify DirectControl for SaaS -- is designed to strengthen a company’s ability to unify its identify infrastructure.

What Does it Take to Unify Enterprise Identity?

Centrify DirectControl for SaaS allows users to securely utilize their existing Active Directory credentials to get single sign-on (SSO) to their SaaS apps from a web browser running on any system, laptop or mobile device even if the endpoint is on the corporate network or not. Additionally, because mobile devices are fast becoming the dominant endpoint of choice, Centrify also offers “Zero Sign-On” (ZSO) from mobile devices running iOS or Android and supports both browser and native mobile apps through the secure certificate delivered to their mobile devices enrolled with the Centrify Cloud Service.


Centrify DirectControl for SaaS lets users log in once and easily launch the SaaS applications they are authorized to use without having to remember their username and password for each app, and functions consistently for end users across both computers and mobile devices.

Through a MyCentrify portal, users receive one-click access to all their SaaS apps and can utilize self-service features that let them locate, lock or wipe their mobile devices, and also reset their AD passwords or manage their AD attributes.


The Centrify Cloud Manager enables IT managers to easily manage access to SaaS apps, apply role-based access controls, and run detailed reports providing comprehensive visibility and control

By providing an easy-to-deploy cloud-based service and seamless integration into Active Directory, IT doesn’t have to sacrifice control of corporate identities. Rather, they can leverage existing technology, skillsets and processes already established. In fact, the idea is that by making it easier for users to manage and access their apps and platforms, it will help decrease the amount help desk inquiries about lost passwords or account access.

The Battle for Enterprise Mobility

Centrify’s new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering gives employees what they want -- easy access from any device, without creating bigger challenges for administrators. The battle for enterprise mobility will be won by those that can effectively balance the expectations of the empowered employee with the demands of security and risk management.