Service providers are well-aware of the forecast demand for cloud services in the Asia Pacific region in the medium-term. Add to this the fact that Asian governments are looking into securing contracts for various cloud deployments and it makes sense that Telecoms provider BT (news, site) has set-up a showcase in Australia to highlight its new cloud services to potential clients.

BT is celebrating its 25th year in Australia this year, and the company is excited with servicing its Australian clientele with its new cloud infrastructure and services packages. The showcase is part of BT's global and regional roadshow, which includes earlier focus on London and New York.

Capturing the Local Market with New Cloud Offerings

BT Australia managing director Paul Migliorini says that BT is well-aware of its position in the Australian telecoms market. A big part of its market share of 400 to 500 firms consists of multinationals with Australian offices. The company is looking into dealing with more local clients in order to secure its hold on the enterprise market in the country.

BT's new cloud offerings will include IaaS solutions, including a hosted contact center, which will launch this year.

Infrastructure Challenges in Australia

BT is aware of an inherent challenge it will face in Australia. "The lack of domestic infrastructure is proving to be a bit of an impediment to investment," says Migliorini, referring to the relatively high cost of broadband services in Australia. The National Broadband Network initiative is geared toward improving access to broadband in the country, and BT is said to be communicating regularly with the NBN.

Even with these challenges, the Australian government has recently started a call for standards in adopting cloud services, particularly with government agencies moving their data and services to the cloud. To this end, a draft policy paper has been released, which outlines the potential benefits and risks of cloud computing, and the responsibilities of government agencies in adopting their own cloud deployments.

BT Bullish on APAC Growth

According to Migliorini, BT is targeting the top 30 to 40 multinational firms in the country as its core market, with which the company already has long-standing relationships, particularly with CIOs. "We need to position our brand as a leading services and solutions company and the professional services dialogue at the CIO level is most important," Migliorini says.

He adds that BT is looking into expanding its manpower base in Australia, given the increasing demand for cloud services in the Asia Pacific region. "The Asia Pacific region is the leading global market for growth and we will be looking to hire some 50 people in Australia over the next couple of years."