brandyourself_logosmall.pngWhen you have a name like mine, Google searches can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. One false move on my part and it won’t be hard to hide from search results. Additionally, if you have a common name, it’s not always easy to ensure that potential employers, suitors or others likely to Google you are getting the results that represent you. Sure, you can try to boost or push down your own results, but it’s not always easy to figure out. Until now. Thanks to BrandYourself, users can optimize the links you want to push up in Google results for your name.

You vs. Google

Born in 2008, BrandYourself streamlined its services to focus on reputation management by way of search engine optimization. Users can submit any links they want showing up at the top of Google. BrandYourself analyzes each link and gives you specific steps users can take to help them rank higher, as well as the ability to track their progress. Alerts send notifications when an unidentified result appears on a user’s first page, or any of the links rise or fall significantly -- so action can be taken right away.


BrandYourself also gives users the opportunity to build their own profiles within the platform. The company claims that 80% of its profiles appear on the first page of Google within the first two weeks. Additionally, because Google factors in links, going in and out into its page rankings, creating and managing a BrandYourself is probably a good idea.

Power to the People (and Their Search Results)

The service is only good for people, so businesses needing to manage their online reputations need to look elsewhere. However, as far as reputation managers go, BrandYourself swears by its open and transparent process and use of "White Hat" techniques approved by search engines, making it a wise choice for those wanting to assert control over their online personae.

For up to three links, users can manage their reputations and track the first page of their search results for free. For US$ 10/month, users can manage an unlimited amount links and track the first 10 pages of the results.