Box Watch Were Talking About the IPO Again

You know Box boss Aaron Levie can’t be sleeping too well — every time the guy blinks (or doesn’t) there’s news about his company’s impending IPO.

And as much as Levie would probably like to comment every now and then, he’s got to keep his lips zipped.

You can almost picture Box advisors and investors like former Microsoft bigwig Steve Sinofsky, Glen Tullman, former US Government CTO Aneesh Chopra and others like venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, taking turns following Levie around with a roll of tape or a gag of some sort chanting “not a word.” Or maybe they’re threatening to break his Twitter finger. Horowitz recently wrote a book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things.

Well, Aaron, not saying anything back when people are saying things about you is hard.

On Again?

In any case, this morning re.code is reporting that Box’s IPO plans are revived. They cite “sources familiar with the company’s thinking,” whatever that means.

The sources apparently say that now that the market for publicly traded cloud companies is on the road to recovery, the company feels it’s time to “test the market again”.

They also claim that Zendesk’s successful IPO factors into the company’s reasoning.

We would point out that Levie refused to back away from the idea of an impending IPO when he was grilled by tech journalist, Sarah Lacey, at Southland last week. And that he gave good sound reasoning behind not being open for acquisition. Though we’re not quoting him, the essence of what he said was that if he sold Box all he would do afterwards is start another company, and why would you do that, if you’re already building a winner.

Re.code did seem to have some insight as to what Box might do if it runs out of cash before the IPO, namely that it would bring in cash from private investors.

That’s our Box Watch, for today, unless Box buys another company, Levie has a slip of the lip, or…use your imagination.

Title image by Twenty20 / Shutterstock.