Badgeville Offers New SharePoint Gamification

SharePoint's not pretty. Adoption, therefore, can be slow.

Officials at gamification provider Badgeville believe they can change this by making SharePoint fun. And they're doing so with a new release of their gamification integration specifically for SharePoint.

Badgeville for SharePoint is the Redwood City, Calif., provider's next generation solution to add game, reputation and social mechanics to SharePoint community and collaboration environments. 

"SharePoint has a reputation of being a bit ugly," said Laura Lilyquist, vice president of marketing at Badgeville. "Companies are making transitions to SharePoint 2013 and are wanting to ensure that the migration is going to be worth it, that users are going to adopt it and be happy with SharePoint. So we're adding a gamification layer as part of this migration."

SharePoint Connectors

SharePoint users could deploy Badgeville's gamification solution before today. So what's new?

"The nuance here is that we've built connectors for SharePoint to streamline the integration and reduce the time to go live," Lilyquist said. "We've also added support for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online, My Site profiles and Yammer from a single deployment."

Badgeville already had a gamification integration with Yammer, too. Microsoft has been pushing the Yammer-SharePoint marriage for its users for a while now. 

Badgeville officials say its integration with SharePoint "seamlessly integrates" with "Badgeville for Yammer" application. The new SharePoint gamification layer also works with SharePoint Server 2013, Office 365/SharePoint Online, and My Site profiles. They are calling the SharePoint offering an industry first.

Badgeville also integrates with Jive, Salesforce, Adobe and others.

Badgeville deploys a "connector" that "allows a company to easily add this gamification layer onto their cloud or on-premise SharePoint deployment.

"The biggest demand for us is to add a gamification -- or engagement -- layer onto SharePoint 2013," Lilyquist told CMSWire. 

2014-6-November-SharePoint Badgeville.jpg

Custom Games

So what kind of games and rewards can employees get for SharePoint usage? That's up to each company, Lilyquist said. The new deployment for SharePoint features customizations where Badgeville officials will help define points, levels, badges, tracks and missions with custom branding and visuals.

Just putting points on a leaderboard may not do the trick, Lilyquist said.

Badgeville takes important business KPIs and helps organizations "decide the right gamification layer -- that comes bundled with every deployment," Lilyquist said. "We'll teach them how to run their gamification program."

Lilyquist estimates organizations will need three to six months for a full deployment of the solution, which is available today.

Title image by Pip R. Lagenta / (Flickr) via a Creative Commons license.