Palo Alto, Calif.-based Accellion Inc. has announced "Kitedrive," a mobile file sharing technology meant to warm the heart of any IT professional dealing with the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon, which answers both the security and file sharing flexibility challenges of cloud-based mobile computing.

It's About Secure Enterprise Level Access

"We've launched a whole new set of features that embrace the way that file sharing is changing for business use and enterprise in general," Paula Skokowski, CMO at Accellion told CMSWire in an exclusive interview. 

KDJ.pngChief among the new solutions is Kitedrive sync, a file sharing capability that empowers secure file synchronizing across mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry, with management and control from the enterprise. 

"File sharing is changing for business use and particularly for the enterprise, the market is evolving so rapidly with the mobile piece moving to the forefront. We're at the intersection now of people's desire to share files more flexibly, on every device they pick up, and these are often their own personal devices," Skokowski said.

...Like a Runaway Train

But to the IT department, the advent of mobile and the BYOD phenomenon in the past year has become, "...a free-for-all. I see IT teams scrambling to get a handle on this. It's like a runaway train," according to Skokowski. "It's BYOD, it's easy access to free apps, such as Dropbox, and IT departments are saying, 'What the heck are we going to do here? Because we need to secure access to enterprise content, we have to protect that.'" 

Whether it's strict health regulations for compliance, such as HIPAA, or basic protection of content in IT's performing its due-diligence role, there are security concerns that Accellion is now addressing.

The Technology 

Accellion said its new features include support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and single sign-on (SSO), plus data loss prevention integration and archiving. 

Solutions are divided into three levels of access:

  • A single user offering from Accellion with a 2GB cloud storage account offered free; options for upgrade go up to 50GB
  • Accellion Mobile File Sharing for Business: 5-500 users with 1,000GB cloud storage
  • Mobile File Sharing for Enterprise: 500+ users with unlimited cloud storage (public, private, hybrid cloud); options include: Archiving, DLP Integration, SFTP, LDAP/AD integration

Accellion Mobile File Sharing for Business starts at $15/user/month and is available now for trial and purchase.  Accellion Mobile File Sharing for Enterprise is available now for trial and will be generally available March 30.