found 2009 In the world of search, all that once was lost can now be found. Be it through Google Search, semantic search, green search or using your nose to sniff through the web-o-sphere, search functionality and optimization is the latest and greatest trend. Capitalizing on this, O'Reilly introduces a new conference, simply called Found. Touted as a search acquisition and architecture conference, Found has been scheduled for June 9-11, 2009, at the San Francisco Airport Marriott in Burlingame, CA.Found aims to offer the knowledge required to build search engine optimization best practices into development processes. It also hopes to be the authoritative place to discover best practices for the constantly evolving search industry and gain a thorough understanding of why search-friendly architecture is mission-critical to businesses of all sizes. Geared towards Web developers and designers, Web optimization specialists, marketers, business strategists, product managers and content creators -- not to mention entrepreneurs, researchers and technologists interested in search trends -- Found is casting a wide net in its efforts to change how developers create and modify Web applications to meet the needs of their users. The call for abstracts is open and those interested in participating are encouraged to submit proposals for conference sessions, panels and workshops at Found, but must do so by December 17, 2008. Proposals are invited in the four tracks of: # Technical Site Architecture # Process and Diagnosis # Structured Data # Metrics The program chairs also seek proposals on these topics and themes: * How search engines work and why search is important * How to architect pages for maximum crawlability * Technology platforms and languages (including IIS, ASP.NET and LAMP) * Building SEO into the development process * How to make rich internet applications (such as Flash, Silverlight, Ajax, JavaScript, video and images) searchable * ROI and conversion through search metrics and analysis * Structured data and optimization * Working with marketing and understanding online marketing best practices * Social/Viral elements to Web applications * Building online communities and customer engagement * Site search, including tactical elements As well, those interested in attending Found, can expect to learn more about: * Trends laid out by newsworthy keynote presenters * Case studies, research results and real-world data * Practical applications and theories discussed in depth in sessions and workshops * Web technology vendors showcasing the latest products and services * Face-to-face discussion of best practices, standards and more with experts Learn more about Found at You can also contribute your ideas for conference topics and learn how to submit proposals and how to register.