Socialtext Virtual Appliance Promotes Safe SocializingSocialtext Virtual Appliance, a new offering built for VMWare, provides organizations with the ability to install social software securely behind the firewall, as well as scale server resources as needed. 

The latest deployment option makes four total for the enterprise social software provider:

  • Socialtext Cloud: An instance of Socialtext can be hosted in the company's data centers, and perform all the updates and upgrades in real-time. Users get the administrative and security controls needed to manage employees, content and data. 
  • Your Private Cloud: Two on-site solutions allow the benefits of SaaS behind the firewall.
  • Appliance Box: The On-Premises Appliance comes with all Socialtext software components pre-installed. 
  • VMware: Socialtext Virtual Appliance, built for VMware, enables users to run Socialtext in their virtualized environment. In addition to deploying Socialtext securely in your private cloud, you can scale your footprint as needed. 

Why the Virtual Appliance?

Socialtext has plenty of reasons for backing up their choice, aside from the obvious money, time and resources save. Among them is the fact that most current subscribers use VMWare internally, as well as a little tidbit from Gartner: About 76 percent of IT departments are planning to invest in private cloud strategies by 2012.

"Inquiries and surveys have consistently revealed a high interest in private cloud computing during the past six months," said Thomas Bittman, a Gartner analyst. "This is especially true for larger enterprises, but, somewhat surprisingly, midsize enterprise interest also tends to be high…Many enterprises consider private cloud computing to be the next stage of virtualization — and, since they are virtualizing, it is the natural next step."

Socialtext Virtual Appliance will be available for download at some point over the next month, and updates and enhancements will reportedly be pushed out about once a month.