Social networking is often considered an important source of business intelligence, both for the conversations and for the connections among like-minded individuals and organizations. Panorama Software's (news, site) recently launched Necto is a socially-enabled BI solution that lets business users track relevant conversations and discussions in social networks, and will get users connected with other individuals looking for similar data insights.

Social Intelligence

Panorama Necto is a self-service BI solution through which users can create custom views and reports, which can be used for analysis. The system is intended to reduce dependence on IT services for mining data and creating reports.

Panorama says that Necto provides a knowledge-sharing environment that is both analytical and suggestive in nature. Necto tracks interests of its users, and will suggest other users who are also interested in similar topics, or those who are also looking into similar data insights, for better collaboration. Contextual discovery is accessed via a search interface.

With Necto, users can subscribe to other users to follow viewpoints and strategies. These relationships are then plotted against the business' organization, such that management can more easily gain insights on performance and collaboration among individuals and business units.

Rony Ross, Panorama Software founder and chair, stresses the three core attributes that users will find useful in Necto, which are social intelligence, relevancy and self-service.

Each attribute works in tandem with the other to provide exceptionally deep insights and a rapid growth of useful corporate intellectual property. Our solution embraces the power of the group and the individual at the same time, and enables a seamless blending of information and learning across business units."


Panorama Necto gives users an array of functionalities from which they can get better business insights:

  • Analytics are generated, and will provide positive and negative trends.
  • Smart reporting will offer help with executive or management-level decisions in a few clicks.
  • Collaboration can be done through group workboards, visual presentations and the like, which enable ad hoc business teams to coordinate and collaborate online.


With Panorama's own NovaView on-premise BI, customers can more easily migrate to Necto for added social capabilities. Meanwhile, Necto will also be interoperable with solutions from Panorama's partner providers, including Microsoft Windows Azure and Microsoft 's upcoming "Denali" SQL Server release through OLAP and BISM models.