NewsGator (news, site) introduced version 2 of its enterprise collaboration platform Social Sites 2010 last week, but it wasn't done with the enhancements. If you are looking for enterprise level video that includes social capabilities, then the Video Stream Solution package may be just the ticket.

Enhancing SharePoint's Out of the Box Capabilities

NewsGator Social Sites 2010 is tightly integrated into SharePoint, taking SharePoint's out of the box collaboration capabilities further, making it a true enterprise collaboration platform. Last week, NewsGator announced version two of Social Sites, bringing enhancements to activity streams, communities and more.

This week, NewsGator is adding more capabilities to Social Sites. In particular, its Video Stream solution provides what SharePoint does not -- social video.

NewsGator Video Center Community

YouTube in the Enterprise

The Video Stream module has a number of use cases particularly around informal learning and sharing. Users can post videos into communities for various purposes: training, customer stories, product demonstrations and more.

Posted videos also show up directly in the activity stream where all the social capabilities can also be utilized -- comments, rating, likes, etc..

NewsGator Social Sites - Video in the Activity Stream

Silverlight in the Mix

The Video Stream solution uses the Silverlight player, taking advantage of the smooth streaming extensions within SharePoint. A number of different file formats are supported including: Windows Media (WMV, WMA), AVI, QuickTime (MOV), DirectShow Filters, MPEG-2, AVCHD, and Dolby Digital.

Large file uploads are supported as is HD viewing up to 1080p. It also has a variable bit rate, so different networks and clients can be supported with quality streaming.

The Video Stream is an optional package with Social Sites 2010, but if you are using a lot of video in the enterprise, it's one that you will likely want to get. This module is expected to be available sometime this month.