Moxie Designs Enterprise Collaboration Software for the Way Employee WorkMoxie Software (news, site) is a relative newcomer to the social business software market compared to many other similar platforms. With its latest update today, it continues its focus on rich functionality designed for the way people work. Let's have a look.

Enabling the Social Workspace

Moxie Software has an interesting history that starts with a technology background that includes working with Ruby on Rails, Mongo Db, liquid temp engine and SaaS. Add to that thought leadership from the likes of Don Tapscott who is chair of Moxie Insight, its research group, and a strong relationship with IDEO, a human factors design house and you know there has been a solid strategy behind this software.

According to Moxie CEO Tom Kelly, Moxie's core principle is: design matters. He told us that design will control the successful deployment of an application (i.e. how much unstructured data is contributed).

There are 5 design principles behind Moxie Software:

  1. Pointers to people
  2. Reward participants
  3. Compelling user experience (eye candy characteristics)
  4. Go where the people are (integrate easily)
  5. Iterate, iterate, iterate (create a dynamic environment, grow features, grow functionality)

With these design principles in mind, Moxie uses an agile development structure with sprints every 3-4 weeks. The software is built on a robust multi-tenant SaaS model.

Moxie has several solutions:

  • Employee Spaces: internal enterprise collaboration
  • Customer Spaces: customer interaction and support software
  • Knowledge Spaces: knowledge repository used by both employees and customers.

Spaces by Moxie

 Our focus today, is on Employee Spaces.

Designed for the Way People Work

Employee Spaces is a feature rich enterprise collaboration platform that has been designed with the employee in mind.

MoxieES_RichProfiles.jpg Moxie Software: Employee Spaces

Employee Spaces focuses on People, Groups and Projects, with the user profile at the center of it all.

User Profiles

User profiles are complete views of a person, including video and images, activity streams, microblogging, groups and projects. There is a company directory and you can follow people. Rewards are offered via Badges.


An Expertise Finder has been added to Employee Spaces that connects directly to user profiles. And a new Recommendation Engine recommends people you should follow paying attention to expertise and interests. It also surfaces groups and projects that are the most active.

Presence detection has also been added via Skype. We wondered if there was any concern over Microsoft's recent acquisition of Skype, but it's really still too early to tell. The biggest questions may revolve around Skype's ability to innovate and what the new pricing model will be (assuming Microsoft will change it).

Also new to Employee Spaces is media sharing. Users can now upload video in all the major formats. Once uploaded it is transcoded in MP4 format for use within Employee Spaces. Customized thumbnails can also be created. But what's nice is that if a user chooses to download a video, it is downloaded in its original format.


You create groups or communities as needed. These groups contain all the necessary collaboration tools like discussion forums, idea storms, calendars, wikis, tasks, media libraries and projects. Groups and be either private or public and you can have sub-groups.


Projects have tasks and milestones and are somewhat related to project management software, but not designed to replace those tools. Projects focuses on the capabilities required by the average knowledge workers.

Search is a Key Element

Moxie has spent a lot of time designing a search experience that is easy to use and pulls in all information available. New tabs have been added for Sub search pages based on results that are retrieved. Users can choose to browse and scroll through the results or filter the results based on tags.

Moxie Employee Spaces - Advanced Search

Third-party information can also be included via federated search. The key with search is to get ride of the noise and tailor it down.

Mobile Channel

The mobile channel is also important to Employee Spaces. In mid-June Moxie will release the first mobile app for Employee Spaces on the iPhone. All the necessary functionality is included in the mobile such as:

  • Headlines and Announcements
  • Post a status and/or photo (Micro-blogging)
  • View Activity Stream
  • Find & Connect with People (Phone, email, Skype)
  • Search Expertise
  • View and interact with your Groups & Projects
  • Create, view and participate in Ideastorms
  • Search and view all content

Moxie Employee Spaces iPhone App

While the iPhone app is the first to come, Moxie is also working on apps for both the Blackberry and Android as well as a mobile web application.

Focus on People & How They Work

There are a number of really good social software solutions available today and pretty well all of them have the core functionality required to be social and collaborative. Employee Space's is one of these, but it has a really simple user experience at the same time. You don't get tied down looking around wondering where to go first. You see at a glance the important news/activities and the groups/projects you work on.

This points to a much simpler on-boarding process with employees quickly being able to add information and share it with others. It's also nice that Moxie does not believe in anonymous participation and includes a robust security model to support that.

If you are shopping for enterprise collaboration software, Employee Spaces is one to definitely check out.