It was back in November of 2007 that Barb and I first began working together on CMSWire. She joined as a freelance writer and as the publication and our relationship evolved, she progressed to a full time position, then to Managing Editor and finally to VP of Editorial.

Over the course of nearly 6 years Barb touched many lives in the industry and mentored scores of writers, working behind the curtains here. I had the pleasure of working along side Barb for the duration of her time here, and together we took personal risks -- she was the first full time SMG employee -- and endured some tough times, and most rewardingly, we were able to carry this publication through several chapters of its ongoing development.

Today we bid Barb farewell. She has chosen to seek a new adventure, perhaps in a land not too far away. Barb, it's been great working with you. From all of us at the CMSWire team, we thank you for your efforts and inspiration, and we wish you all the best.