Workshare, which operates mainly in secure content compliance, has just released its Enterprise Document Control Solution, which provides hosted services as well as clean integration with Microsoft Office. The system enables content collaboration between enterprises, paired with tough security and an audit trail. (Good for eDiscovery risk management.)The solution also automates policy enforcement by managing the workflow that occurs from the point of document origination inside Office itself. The offering is pretty similar to Microsoft's SharePoint Light offering, which seeks to embattle hosted threats to Office -- such as Google Apps and Zoho -- by creating a collaborative online space for existing Office owners. It merits saying Workshare got props from Microsoft itself, as a 2007 Microsoft Partner of the Year for ISV/Software Solutions. It's also fully integrated with Microsoft Office SharePoint Sever '07. The Workshare Pro 5.1 Release Candidate is available at the Workshare site. On October 9, it'll be available to the public for US$ 175/user/year for a one year license. Perpetual license pricing sits at US$ 349/user, along with annual maintenance.