Magnolia, an enterprise CMS purveyor, as transitioned Magnolia Community Edition to GPLv3. This is the most current iteration of the open source license released just last June by the Free Software Foundation. This move makes Magnolia the first JSR 170-based CMS to go public under GPLv3. Adopting the open source license -- thereby enabling developers to improve it as they wish -- makes Magnolia more resilient in the face of change, thereby protecting the investment of clients. For this reason Magnolia's namesake makes an apt metaphor. Despite its elegant appearance, the magnolia flower dates back over 20 million years. Having weathered its fair share of Darwinist storms, even its fragrant petals are extra-tough, because it is pollinated by beetles. Not a bad lot to cast your fortunes with. Download Magnolia Community Edition at no cost on the Magnolia website. Or to find out what others think, clicky-clicky for comments.