thunderhead NOW, communications Thunderhead NOW's enterprise communications platform just got a little bit bigger with the release of it's newest component Interview NOW. Interview NOW is a unique approach to gathering data from business and employees to use in business communications. The need to clear communications being what it is today, Thunderhead has developed a single communications platform that supports a number of communication needs across any number of delivery channels. The platform, called Thunderhead NOW is composed of a number of modules that aid in the development and delivery of business communications. Interview NOW is the newest module that helps collect data required to develop customer communications through an interview-like process at the completion of a task. This module can be integrated into existing business processes as well as out-of-the box integration with some of the top Business Process Management (BPM) software and ECM solutions. The Thunderhead NOW platform is an enterprise level communications platform built on Java. It utilizes the XML stack and leverages XForms which is the XML-based standard for user interfaces and processing, XSLT and XSL-FO. Other modules in the Thunderhead NOW platform include Review NOW -- exception-based review case editing and Correspond NOW - ad hoc communications. You can learn more about this platform and the newest module on their website.