thunderhead_logo.png Thunderhead, an enterprise communications firm, has just released a fresh version of Thunderhead NOW, its XML-based communications platform. Thunderhead operates under the guiding premise that you only need one platform for all business communications. With that in mind, NOW boasts functionalities for campaign management (to sate the marketers), enhanced across-the-board management visibility (for management), and quantitative reporting capabilities (for Almighty IT).But there's more to this than trying to force three disparate departmental universes to work together. "Maintaining context and consistency in communications at each step is critical for successful customer engagement," explains CEO Glen Manchester. "Our technology provides this by exposing role-based interfaces that allow the integration of all types of communications with key applications and business processes." In more practical terms, NOW enables back-end users to control the customer experience and manage behind-the-scenes enterprise matters at the same time, addressing such issues as brand protection, compliance, security, management visibility and content regulation -- all critical criteria for an enterprise CMS. The only difference is, NOW parks it all in the same platform that's taking care of your customers. We remain skeptical about whether this all-in-one package is a good thing, but at the very least it could mean less software -- and integration headaches -- for you. But don't take our word for it. Explore Thunderhead NOW for yourself. And if you've already tried it, share your thoughts with the community.