SpringCM Releases Privia Upgrade

Privia, a bid and proposal lifecycle management software solution, has been refined according to SpringCM, provider of enterprise-class, on-demand content management products.  This version of Privia includes support for additional content sources and newly integrated support for Firefox and Safari browsers. This browser support enhances users ability for anytime, anywhere access to secure opportunity and proposal information. With the Fed busy printing another trillion dollars for the stimulus plan, proposal development is likely experiencing furious growth.

Privia’s bid and proposal management solution from SpringCM integrates document management, productivity tools and best–practice workflows into a common workspace for government contractors and their various teams. Privia enables companies bidding on federal, state and local contracts to coordinate internal and external team activities.

With this release Privia further extends its integration with support for Grants.gov, a source of federal government grants, and Onvia, a source for local, state and federal government contracts.

Privia's New Features

Features of the new Privia release include:

  • Universal Access - Additional browsers such as Firefox and Safari are now supported allowing users to access Privia from any location.
  • Improved Group Management –The ability to manage large number of users as a single entity.
  • Enhanced Performance – Through improved navigation and response to user actions and faster upload speeds.
  • Quick and Secure Document Access - Document Links in Email Notifications allows internal users and teaming partners quick yet secure access to documents, without navigating into the application.
  • Increased Content Relevance – The in-place label editor includes the ability to dynamically rename and customize fields for specific purposes.

Addressing the Entire Lifecycle

The Privia solution is designed to address the entire bid and proposal lifecycle including legacy features:

  • Workflow automation to support best–practice business and proposal development processes
  • Presence detection of internal team members and external partners
  • Persona–based access to system data and features
  • Communication and collaboration tools such as instant messaging, discussion threads and notifications
  •  Automated project monitoring and reporting on due dates, milestones, tasks and priorities

SpringCM offers this new version of Privia as either on-premise or via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).