logo_springcm[1].gif Cloud enterprise content management provider SpringCM (news, site) has announced the general availability of its Past Performance solution targeted at government contractors. The solution streamlines the opportunity identification process and provides insight into how likely they are to win a new contract. Past performance joins a number of other government targeted solutions such as Privia provided by SpringCM.

Contracting Powered by ECM

Identifying the best government contract to pursue can be a time consuming process for potential government contractors. Many have existing processes that assemble large amounts of distributed data from remote hard drives, spreadsheets and other repositories. The process frequently results in a lack of understanding of enterprise capabilities and bidding on opportunities for which they aren’t well suited and missing other opportunities that could be profitable. These inefficiencies are costly. They result in higher operational costs and lost revenue opportunities. It’s SpringCM’s goal to make things a little easier.

SpringCM’s Past Performance provides an assessment of the quality of service that a government contractor is able to offer and projects the likelihood of winning future contracts based on historical performance. Past Performance centralizes the information and provides a better context for making a proposal to everyone in the organization that needs to participate. Past Performance allows contractors to:

  • consolidate large set of historical performance data in a central repository
  • search for applicable information across the entire organization instead of manually collecting the details
  • use the time and resources previously spent collecting information to focus on the proposal
  • provide partners a centralized repository to list their details and capabilities relevant to the proposal
  • create workflows to control the proposal process
  • easily access data to incorporate into the proposal management and team selection process
  • accurately track past performance to enable correction of information about the firm in government databases and publicly accessible resources

Supporting Government Work

Having all of these details easily accessible allows contractors to make better decisions and increase the number of contracts they win. In addition, because contract information may be sensitive or confidential, the solution provides a granular security model that allows content to be restricted to only those that need access.

Past Performance is not the only government solution that SpringCM offers. The company has an entire Government Solutions Division that streamlines the often arduous processes of doing business with state, local and federal governments. The company reports that existing customers are receiving payback in as few as 40 days for the improvements made to processes such as bid, proposal, case management and claims processing.