Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider SpringCM (news, site) has announced the latest release of its ECM platform. The new release focuses on improving team productivity, execution and management visibility.

What’s New in Spring CM

CMSWire spoke with Christopher Junker, CEO and Roger Bottum, VP Marketing for SpringCM, regarding the April 2011 release, which includes several enhancements such as:

  • Dynamic case management
  • New widgets and a persona-based user interface
  • Mobility support starting with the iPad

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic case is a new SpringCM product. Case management is a common concept in many industries, such as healthcare and insurance, but may not be as familiar to other businesses. Although the feature is useful, many may not understand what the feature actual entails due to the case management moniker. Dan Keldsen, President at analyst firm Information Architected, agrees. However, according to Keldsen, there really isn’t a better readily available term that describes the loosely guided workflow-like solution SpringCM has built.

What is dynamic case management? It is essentially workflow for skilled workers who don’t need to be micromanaged through a business process. The new feature can improve quality-of-service and compliance by supporting defined rules while giving knowledge workers the ability to make decisions within guidelines. According to Bottum, SpringCM's checklist paradigm for defining processes, managing assignments and status is intuitive and has almost no learning curve. Who can’t use a checklist? The dynamic case management feature offers a checklist model that allows users to see what needs to happen, who’s doing it and when it’s happening. 

SpringCM dynamic case management

The dynamic case management feature also offers a role-based user interface, document capture and integration with enterprise platforms such as SAP, Salesforce and SharePoint.

SpringCM ECM Gets Mobile

The April 2011 release demonstrates SpringCM's commitment to mobile adoption. The company has started its mobile strategy with the popular iPad. The support for iPad will allow SpringCM users to gain access to the ECM platform anywhere -- an important feature in work environments with increasingly flexible work schedules.

SpringCM’s mobile support includes:

  • Full-text search
  • Access to ECM content
  • Opening email links
  • Support for the iPad user interface

SpringCM latest release is a smart move. The company has found a happy medium between rigid specialized workflow process designed for repetitive tasks and the advanced BPM style workflow many ECM platforms implement. Knowledge workers often have unique organizational knowledge that can’t be explicitly mapped in workflows or business rules, but offering guidance can aid organizations in managing the costs of flexible  business processes.