SpringCM dubbed hot company to watch by forrester research

The title of this article says it all, doesn't it? The folks over at SpringCM are probably jumping up and down right now, since they've just been considered a very promising company by Forrester Research. 

SpringCM: The 'Next Big Thing'?

The report, which was actually released on December 19, 2008, highlights promising new vendors and important technology trends that represent the predicted "next big thing." Companies are selected for inclusion based on comparative technological advantage, ease of implementation and size of their potential market.

Here's a tidbit directly from the report:

"Information and knowledge management solutions have traditionally been complex, costly and out of the reach of small and medium-size organizations. While enterprises will continue to support on-premise solutions for their most important business-critical processes, SaaS will increasingly support the management of content for business processes that don't materially differentiate an enterprise or are not essential to a core operation. This trend is leading enterprise content management vendors to offer hosted solutions for areas such as content archiving, lightweight document management, and accounts payable invoice processing -- putting document and content management within the practical and affordable reach of more businesses."

SpringCM provides businesses with software and services needed to simplify document management and file sharing. As a fantastic plus, it requires no hardware or software installation. Reportedly fairly easy to use, the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution does a good job of simplifying business processes and enabling customers to capture content from e-mail, file transfer protocol and fax.

"We have been fortunate to be able to take full advantage of the SaaS model to innovate at a fast pace and rapidly translate customer needs into new features," explained Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM. "The result has been not just a different delivery model, but a new level of business capability and agility for organizations of all sizes. It is an honor to be recognized by Forrester as a hot company to watch as we launch the next level of innovation with our Solutions platform and Solutions Central ecosystem."

Looking Back 

The recognition from Forrester Research comes as no surprise. SpringCM's activity last year was pretty astonishing. Here are some highlights from October alone: 

Oct-24: SpringCM v4.5: ECM With Better Process Management

"In addition to recently wowing the CMS world by giving away a f*ree edition of its records management module, SpringCM just released version 4.5 of its SaaS Enterprise Content Management System."

Oct-22: SpringCM Offers Free Records Management

"There is one word everyone loves to hear, and that word is "free." SpringCM has decided to appeal to customers who love that word -- the company is giving away its records management solution to existing customers who are already taking advantage of SpringCM's document management and workflow platform capabilities."

Oct-19: SpringCM Delivers SaaS Enterprise Document Management

"Touted as "the first and only product to combine enterprise-class document management and workflow in a single integrated solution," SpringCM 4.0 extends its mission to deliver comprehensive content management functionality at an affordable price."

To keep your own track on the up and coming superstar, head on over to www.springcm.com.