SpringCM Offers Cloud Connector for SharePoint SpringCM (news, site) is our second SharePoint announcement of the day. As a provider of on-demand enterprise content management, SpringCM has taken further steps to connect SharePoint -- 2007 and 2010 -- to the SpringCM enterprise content management cloud.

SpringCM ECM Platform

With cloud computing a much talked about approach for organizations today, SpringCM offers an on-demand enterprise content management solution that contains everything required for complete end-to-end document management and more.


SpringCM Enterprise Content Management (CMS) Platform

Regularly, SpringCM adds new capabilities to their SaaS service, including tools like Resume Management, Custom Dashboards and tools for small business.

The first Connector for SharePoint was offered in April of this year. Core functionality included:

  • Enhanced scanning and image capture, business process management (BPM), optical character recognition, records management and e-signature
  • Access to the pre-built applications that already exist on the SpringCM platform
  • Single sign-on and searching across the two platforms

Cloud Connector for SharePoint

Today, SpringCM offers an updated version of the Cloud Connector SharePoint. What's new in this latest release? You are now able to do much more within SharePoint:

  • Browse SpringCM contents (profile accounts and folders)
  • Edit documents and associated metadata residing in SpringCM
  • Add SharePoint tasks to SpringCM workflows for integrated business processes
  • Pull SharePoint documents into SpringCM and vice versa as part of a workflow process

SpringCM Connector for SharePoint

Remember, all this functionality will work not only with SharePoint 2007, but also with the upcoming SharePoint 2010.

Extending SharePoint

The Connector for SharePoint provides the ability to continue to use your in-house SharePoint environment for day to day productivity activities, while leveraging the extended enterprise content management functionality found in SpringCM.

This is a fairly common approach that most of ECM vendors are taking including both EMC and Open Text.

Knowing that the connector will work when you do decide to take the upgrade step to SharePoint 2010 is comforting, because re-working and customizations tend to be time consuming and often painful.

Get more information about the Connector for SharePoint on SpringCM's website.