SpringCM Adds Resumes Management Tool to Their Belt Considering the state of the economy and the staggering rate of unemployment, we imagine resumes are coming into hiring companies by the truckload.

And yet in spite of it all, these bleak circumstances still provide ways in which money can be made. One such example is a new offering from SpringCM (news, site). The document management and workflow company recently released a solution for sorting the hopefuls. The new Resume Management application caters to government contractors specifically, as it aims to best match archived resume to job opportunity.

Oh, the Wonders of Cataloging

"More than ever, government contractors are seeing business opportunities where specialized skills are needed and in great demand with government agencies," explained Steve Maier, VP and GM of the Government Solutions Division of SpringCM.

Simply put, the Resume Management solution is designed to cut out all the hassle involved with searching through mountains of resumes for these skills. By cataloging, search and reusing resumes, the Resume Management solution can reportedly precisely identify candidates--employees or not--with the right qualifications for each business opportunity.

"SpringCM, with our Privia Solution, is already the leader in Bid and Proposal Management software for Government Contractors," boasted Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM. "Resume Management, which has been developed based on customer feedback, is a great example of how the SpringCM platform's broad capabilities can be used to develop complex content applications that impact key business processes."

Specific cool points of the new solution include:

  • A centralized resume repository that enables cross-organizational visibility into skills availability
  • Flexible search, combining structured data and full-text search technologies that enables precise identification of candidates
  • A streamlined approach to enable resume updates by employees ensuring resume currency. (Standard reports identify resumes that have not been updated, allowing for exception management)
  • The ability to develop, store and search proposal and task-order specific resume versions, plus the ability to store and search these proposal-specific resumes through an automated mechanism
  • The ability to maintain artifacts and versions of resumes, saving time and redundancies

Get Familiar

If this kind of thing strikes your fancy, tomorrow SpringCM is hosting a webinar to discuss the new solution's capabilities. Can't sacrifice an hour tomorrow? That's cool, you can check out the video testimonials any time.