spring cm logo 2009.pngThey were named a Hot Company to Watch by Forrester Research; KMWorld plugged them into their Top 100 list for the third consecutive year; they’ve taken Software as a Service (SaaS) to all new heights. No doubt, SpringCM is flyin’ high.

But let’s call them back down to the ground for a second so we can review their 5.1 release. Accompanying the updated platform are new Departmental Solutions that may strike your fancy as well.

Collaborate, Automate, Win

After taking user feedback into serious consideration, the SpringCM 5.1 team has released a version that focuses heavily on collaboration between SprimgCM customers, partners and their product team.

The release comes with four QuickStart department-specific solution templates designed to automate business functions in finance and administration, human resources, legal and compliance, and sales and marketing. Templates included are for business processes such as recruiting, expense reporting, contract management, etc. The QuickStart packages in addition to SpringCM's established workflow is said to be a combination that will accelerate the time to success for customers, and we’re inclined to believe it. After all, team work and automation, if done correctly, usually equals faster output.

Dan Carmel, the company's optimistic CEO, says, "SpringCM 5.1 enables customers and partners to develop sophisticated content applications faster than ever before. This continues to demonstrate the clear benefits of the SaaS model for delivering productive content management solutions in tough economic times."

Here's a closer look at some of the improvements you can expect in V5.1:

  • Simplified forms based processes: New features streamline the development of form based workflows, including the ability to quickly build wizards that guide users through complex form completion.
  • Context Menus: One click access to common activities like E-mail Links, Cut, Copy, Detele, etc. is now available while browsing documents in the Folder Tree View. Customized Navigation Tabs: SpringCM Navigation tabs can now be turned off and on. SpringCM hopes this feature will allow users to focus on the activities they need to perform to get their work done faster.
  • Performance and scalability: SpringCM performance has been enhanced across the user experience, from the upload and indexing functions to displaying and searching documents and workflow automation. The Folder Tree View for organizing documents opens faster and the speed when clicking through the folders has also been improved.

Sassy SaaS

A little while back we mentioned being fairly optimistic about SpringCM as a provider of SaaS-based content management solutions, and so far it seems our gut feeling was spot on. Echoing Carmel's thoughts on our current economic situation, we can only expect SaaS will continue to rise in popularity as a cheaper and (hopefully) quicker alternative.

Follow SpringCM’s efforts to contribute to that goal by checking out their website.