SpringCM, a leader in on-demand document management and workflow, announces the availability of SpringCM 3.9. Intended for products designed to improve the ability of Salesforce.com users to manage documents, streamline collaboration, accelerate revenue, and maintain greater efficiency throughout the sales process, v3.9 promises to add more grease to an already well-oiled machine. SpringCM is part of the Salesforce.com AppExchange Program, a Web marketplace for on-demand applications pre-integrated into Salesforce.com, with complementary benefits to the leading CRM application. SpringCM 3.9 focuses on enhancements within SpringCM Proposal Accelerator and Contract Accelerator for Salesforce.com, boasting: * Streamlined user experience, with updates to the Tool bar and Menu and refinements to the advanced search and browse document functions * Improved Security, with the creation of a new administration * Advanced Workflow (Beta), an optional feature that adds a complete business process automation capability to SpringCM * Salesforce.com Integration, which allows objects such as cases, campaigns, and custom objects to be set to have related SpringCM folders and views in Salesforce The release, which took into consideration user feedback, combines robust metadata, comprehensive workflow and collaborative document management in an effort to bring the process of document automation to Salesforce.com users to a new level. It will definitely appeal to those whose objectives include process automation, custom reporting and better group distribution management. Throughout the week SpringCM offers Webinars to help clients experience the new features of the 3.9 release. To try it, sign up here.