Quick! Name all the third-party applications and cloud-based solutions your company is using right now. How many of them were authorized purchases? Do you know exactly who has access to all of them? We don’t want to be presumptuous, but something tells us that you may have some identity management issues. Enter SailPoint.

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

SailPoint has launched the Cloud Identity Bridge, an expansion of its traditional identity management platform (Identity IQ), which lets companies manage their activity in the cloud. As businesses become more familiar and accepting about moving information and applications to the cloud, they may not have fully prepared about how they would manage users, control access to sensitive information and adhere to strict compliance and regulatory standards. We spoke with Darran Rolls, chief technology officer, and Jackie Gilbert, vice president of marketing and founder of SailPoint, about its new product.

Relationships + Data = Identity Management

By being able to track relationships of identity to data -- that is, being able to make associations between people, their role and the information that they have been cleared to view -- SailPoint not only lets IT oversee the application settings in use, it also lets them leverage workflow controls by automating user access and roles. IT administrators can maintain (or in some cases, establish) a centralized governance approach for identity audit and administration functions, independent of where the applications are deployed, including: Performing access certifications, remediating policy violations, producing audit and compliance reports, requesting access and provisioning changes.

For companies that hastily moved to the public or private cloud without giving much thought to compliance, or for the organizations weary of the cloud’s security, the Cloud Identity Bridge can help. SailPoint removes roadblocks to cloud adoption by enabling organizations to manage identities and access privileges in the cloud in the same manner that they govern them for applications in the data center.

Transparency Can Build a Bridge (Between IT, Everyone Else)

Like most enterprise functions, the more transparent you are about who oversees the process, the easier it will be for others to follow the guidelines set out in front of them. The struggle between IT and practically every other department is usually built on distrust or unclear plans for how new software and applications can be acquired, managed or otherwise maintained. With SailPoint and the Cloud Identity Bridge, companies can benefit from clarity as well as compliance.