Orkalogo.jpg The US enterprise content management market will soon be getting some additional competition. Southeastern European based Orka software is planning to target the states with OWIS, the company’s ECM platform. Given analysts’ predictions that content management will be a top technology growth area in 2011, another choice for the market will likely be welcomed.

Who Is Orka

Orka has been operating the Southeastern Europe for the last seven years. The company launched seven years ago as a result of a workflow solution developed for a government agency in the area. Inspired over time to create a more comprehensive offering, Orka added functionality such as document management to the platform until a complete ECM, OWIS, emerged.

CMSWire spoke with Nihad Salkic, CEO of Orka, about the company’s plans to expand to the North American market.

Mobile, Cloud and Workflow -- It’s All in the Box

OWIS is an enterprise content management system developed using Microsoft (news, site) technologies. Orka targets small businesses, those with 200 users or less, with the platform. Salkic said,

We feel that small companies have important content management needs that aren’t getting met because of the cost and complexity of ECM software. We want to fill that gap.”

Aware that many of OWIS target customers are unable to hire specialized technical resources to deploy and manage a ECM solution, Orka is very concerned with ease of use in the product. The product offers:

  • A rich workflow configuration interface, developed using Silverlight, which allows users to draw workflow steps in the tool; external tools or special notations aren’t required.
  • Pre-configured search.
  • A standard configuration out of the box to minimize setup time for new users.

The ECM has a large focus on process automation via its workflow management capabilities. This isn’t surprising giving the product’s origins as a pure-play workflow solution. All workflow configuration and user dashboards are web based and require no additional software or plug-ins. Potential customers should be aware that the workflow platform does not currently support any industry process standards such as BPMN or BPEL.

OWIS end-user workflow UI

Other key features of the product include:

  • Multi-language support
  • Collaboration
  • Document management
  • Search
  • Reporting
  • Enterprise calendaring
  • Support for mobile devices

In addition to providing small companies a full set of features, Orka has focused on deployment in the latest release of the OWIS ECM. The product can be deployed on premises or to a cloud. Cloud support is a good move for the company given it is expected growing popularity in 2011 and because it provides an option for resource constrained companies to quickly obtain a flexible and scalable infrastructure environment.

Those interested in learning more about the platform can visit their site to see demos of software features.