OracleFM_Logo_2009.jpg We've already talked about Oracle's WebCenter Suite 11g, but there's more to the new Fusion Middleware 11g platform that we haven't told you about. So let's take a little tour into the world of Oracle (news, site) and see what's in store.

A Foundation For Innovation

Oracle calls the Fusion Middleware 11g platform a "foundation for innovation". Over three years in the making, including 13 million hours of testing, 1.4 million hours of stress and cluster testing and an automated upgrade from 10g, you should expect big things from this release. 

11g is built on four design principles:

  1. Complete: A single provider for all your middleware technology needs
  2. Integrated: Middleware that works with all your Oracle applications, databases and more
  3. Hot-Pluggable: Eliminates the pain of adding to your infrastructure
  4. Best of Breed: The best in every product line (so they say)

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

11g sees the complete integration of Oracle and the BEA products into a unified suite of products, which some are saying is the thing that helps really propel Oracle to be a major player in the middeware market (think WebLogic).

While you can sift through all the details of what is new in this Fusion Middleware family, here's a quick look at what's new:

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Oracle says it's the industry's first full Services Infrastructure designed to create, manage service oriented architectures and develop on them with ease. Leveraging the emerging set of open standards Service Component Architecture (SCA), the suite includes connectivity through adapters and B2B partners, routing and virtualization, orchestration, human workflow, rules engine, security and auditing, governance and systems and business management and monitoring.
  • Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g: The WebLogic Suite is one of the foundational elements of the middleware family, providing the application grid architecture. Included in the suite are GridLink for RAC, ActiveCache, Enterprise Gird Messaging, Real Operations Insight, Real Operations Automation and SmartGrade Upgrade for WebLogic.
  • Oracle Identity Management Suite 11g: A range of identity management solutions that encompass user provisioning and access control, directory services and fine grained authorization. The suite provides seamless management of roles, access rights and security rules, pre-integrates with existing applications and systems, includes a universal federation framework and service oriented security.
  • Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g: The WebCenter suite is a portal platform that integrates Enterprise 2.0 solutions with business systems enabling the development of portals, websites and composite applications with a social flavor. Read more details in our coverage on its release.

There's a lot to take in this new release of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle says it provides their 90,000 customers with a new platform for innovation. Dana Gardner of ZDNet says the cloud element is still the missing link. Once that is piece comes into play, Oracle should have a complete end-to-end service offering.

Can Oracle really be successful as a one-stop-shop for everything IT? ZDNet's Dennis Howlett doesn't think so, "No vendor on the planet has successfully pulled off the ‘end to end one stop shop’ trick and Oracle most certainly won’t do it. Regardless of the hubris."

Still, that does seem their intent and with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, who knows what they will be able to achieve.