logo-oracle.gif The ink is barely dry on the Oracle and Sun sign-off, but already they are getting it together for the entire world to see as they stage their respective conferences at the same time and the same venue this year.

The JavaOne 2010 conference will take place in San Francisco this year from September 19 to 23 and will be co-located with Oracle Develop during the week of Oracle OpenWorld.

The reason that this has come to our attention is that JavaOne 2010 has issued its call for papers and will be open for submissions until March 14.

Java all the Way

This year, the conference curriculum is going back to basics and will focus on 100% Java technology and the related ecosystem. It will include sessions organized into seven tracks with potential contributors asked to make submissions under one of the seven sections.

These include:

  • Core Java Platform
  • Java SE and Desktop Java
  • Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications
  • JavaFX and Rich User Experience
  • Java ME and Mobile
  • Java for Devices, Card, and TV
  • The Java Frontier

Organizers say that attendees at these conferences are looking to deepen their practical knowledge of Java, including best practices and solutions. This year, they are particularly looking for end-to-end application and integration use cases.

The most popular talks, they say, are full of technical detail and include best practices, proven solutions, code samples and/or demos that show how to apply Java technology to real-world projects.

Conferences Headed for the Open Road

Oracle has also said that it is taking JavaOne + Develop on the road in 2010/2011 but they haven’t listed venues or confirmed dates as yet. For the first time, regions with rapidly growing developer communities will have access to the JavaOne experience.

So if you think you can take the heat, and are looking for your ’15-minutes of fame’, get submitting.