open text_logo_2009.jpg At Open Text Content World, the Enterprise CMS makers have unveiled the latest update to the mobile app called Open Text Everywhere.

The new release features native client applications for Apple iPhone and iPad. As you may remember, back in March's initial release, it was just the RIM BlackBerry – Open Text’s nearby Ottawa neighbors – support.

But we all know how popular the iPhone is, and how giddy some content managers feel about Apple’s tablet and the thought of being productive anywhere, anytime.

Features and Functions

Seven months later, Open Text Everywhere came to the iPhone with about the same capabilities as those developed initially for BlackBerry:

  • Native and securely access to Open Text ECM Suite
  • Push of the permissions model from the Enterprise CMS to the device
  • Ability to work manage business processes, content, social collaboration
  • Integration with Open Text Content Server (formerly Livelink), the foundation of the ECM Suite
  • Search and workflow.

What’s Coming Next

In the past, Open Text mentioned the possibility of introducing their mobile app to the Android and Windows Mobile communities, but that hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t seem to be in the plans.

But what is on the roadmap for the coming months for mobile is the following:

  • Mobile email management app for legal, regulatory or corporate governance rules customers
  • New social interface with access controls, auditing, collaboration
  • Integration with Web Experience Management (formerly Vignette).

More news will be coming out of Content World 2010, Open Text’s annual get-together, being held in Washington, DC, this week. We’ll keep you posted.