Today, at Open Text Content World, Tom Jenkins, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer,  addressed the crowd talking about the future and vision of Enterprise CMS. Before we begin to look ahead, Jenkins told us where we’ve been.

Looking Forward to See How Far We've Come

Over the past year, Open Text has been busy making investments in research and development, as well as acquisitions and partnerships. Here are just a few: 

In June, Open Text hosted a social network for G20. The meeting of world leaders for over 48 hours benefited from virtual network that was both secure and functional. The iPad was in its infancy at the time, but it influenced the way they deployed and how they approached their own products and customer solutions.

The Future of ECM

Having just published a book, Jenkins talked about Managing Content in the Cloud, which addresses many of issues companies are facing today. With over 60 case studies included, Open Text didn’t have to look far to find examples about how their customers were using solutions to innovate.

As we move from web 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0, we have migrated from the desktop to the cloud and beyond. But evolving isn’t just about technology, it is also about new behaviors. We’re producing more content than ever before and we need to implement solutions for managing it, securing it and distributing it. If you don’t implement now, it will just get harder later.

Additionally, there are many different policies governing content. At present, there are more than 100,000 rules and regulations worldwide – that we know about! Combined with new technologies like social media, companies are starting to draft more policies to oversee these platforms, but not soon enough.

Access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is still prevented in 45% of organizations.

It’s safe to say the future of ECM is still unfolding. We can hardly begin to look ahead five years, when we are still struggling to maintain those technologies that emerged only two years ago. However, we only know that what’s to come will be even greater.