open text_logo_2009.jpgOpen Text (news, site) is starting to reveal its plans in regards to the recently closed deal on Nstein Technologies. Just as we thought, the first bets are on Nstein’s Text Mining Engine (TME) -- now known as Open Text Content Analytics -- and its integration with the entire Open Text Enterprise CMS Suite.

What’s Shaking at Nstein?

The Québécoise home will (for now) remain Nstein’s grounds with headquarters still in Montreal and focus on dev activities for content analytics and semantic technology.

While nothing is official yet as to how other departments and groups of Nstein will be impacted by the acquisition, we can say confidently there will probably be some cuts, trimming down the “fat” around the core activity – product development.

Open Text also sings a very familiar song saying that it will continue to support Nstein's products -- TME, DAM and Web CMS -- although clearly the favorite child in this family is the TME.

Nstein's Content Analytics Technology

As we have told you in the past, Nstein’s TME is a powerful beast that uses enhanced semantic analysis to extract ‘linguistic DNA’ in order to enable searches that provide not only precise responses to search parameters, but also related content.

Nstein's software creates a "semantic fingerprint" for an organization's content, allowing them to unlock content’s value and make it more findable, visible, understandable, organized and analysis-ready.

Other linguistic features include:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Metadata awareness
  • Language awareness
  • Broad taxonomical capabilities

And this is how it comes together with Enterprise CMS-type content, including documents, e-mail, social media, web content, OCR-treated scanned images and content in business systems, such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

TME + ECM Integration Points

Initially, Open Text plans to integrate content analytics with Vignette Content Management (VCM) and Media Management (which is due for a refresher).

Next, will come its Enterprise Library -- the content repository at the core of the ECM Suite -- where content analytics will be providing additional functionalities for content retrieval on top of the existing native search.

Over the next year, the plan is to make content analytics available as part of every application that is in the Open Text ECM Suite, including the recently released Open Text Everywhere mobile ECM product.

Other integration points for content analytics are as follows:

  • Expand the use of Nstein's technology in the area of user engagement
  • Adding content analytics to its WCM systems like (formerly known as) RedDot
  • Leveraging it in Open Text Social Media (also has been renamed recently to Open Text Social Workplace) (+if there's still anyone there on the SM side left to work on the integration)
  • Use in compliance and litigation readiness scenarios for content archiving and retention management
  • Applicable in records management thanks to its classification technology
  • In eDiscovery, can be used for content collection and review.

So much to do! Let’s see how it works out for both Open Text and Nstein.