Magnolia 3.0 is out the door. A "commercial open-source" project, Magnolia integrates web content management (CMS) and document management (DMS) through a single, web-based, AJAX-powered user interface. Version 3.0 brings together 3+ years of research and development and is one of the few CMS products to support the JSR-170 content repository standard.Three editions of Magnolia are currently available: Magnolia Community Edition A free, easy-to-use yet powerful enterprise web content management system based on JSR-170. Magnolia Enterprise Edition Builds on the Community Edition, but offers additional features -- including advanced metadata, LDAP support, JSR-168 support, etc -- availability of professional support, and an upgrade path to new versions for mission critical enterprise content management. Magnolia Business Process Edition This flavor lets you draw and document business processes directly in the browser without the need of additional client software. The focus of this offering is process-oriented knowledge management. The Magnolia CMS products are developed by Magnolia International Ltd., formerly obinary Ltd..