Magnolia Enterprise Edition 3.5 has just been released. This version sports a more targeted focus on I18N, streamlined maintenance and integration for enterprises with an international focus. To begin with, it is much easier to customize the offering. v3.5 includes a new configuration mechanism that enables you to build custom modules that, if you like, can replace certain Magnolia functionalities. The offering's complete modularization -- another new feature -- makes it possible to do this without affecting Magnolia's default distribution. Customizations may be parked in modules, which can be updated independently of Magnolia -- meaning you can customize like a madman without hurting your upgradability. I18N -- the internationalization architecture -- makes it possible to manage and publish content in multiple languages from one source (a non-convoluted form of single source CMS). This has been added as a default feature, but can be customized with custom translation workflows, par exemple. It's also easier to write output from existing applications -- including Adobe ColdFusion, Freemarker or Apache Wicket -- to Magnolia. Users can also validate input that originates from Magnolia without losing access to the complete set of data. If this sounds interesting to you, give Enterprise Edition 3.5 a 60-day trial run at Magnolia's expense. A low-key variant, the Magnolia Community Edition (GPLv3 certified), is also available.