Kontiki Delivers Consumer Style Video Communities for the Enterprise
We’ve got more non YouTube related video content management news for ya. Kontiki, a provider of enterprise video solutions, just opened up the Kontiki VideoCenter enterprise employee video portal. The portal allows companies to gather, schmooze, and ultimately align their organizations around one vision.  

The Vision

The concept of 'YouTube for the Enterprise' is turning some heads. Kontiki hopes to get all employees utilizing the platform to engage with social media and user generated content in order to keep them up with our current e-culture. Benefits of the portal include:

  • Sharing ideas and knowledge: Playing on familiar social media capabilities to encourage interaction should lead to simple content discovery and syndication.
  • Enterprise-class security, control and reporting: Kontiki allows users to 'flip the switch' on and off for as little or as many social media elements a company is comfortable with, as well as secure access controls for better on an individual, group, business unit or company-wide basis.
  • Reaches all employees, in all locations, on any device: The fully integrated network “overcomes network bandwidth limitations” with reportedly zero impact on existing business traffic

"If you could get all people in your organization to row in the same direction you can dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition,” said Joe Ghazal, vice president of engineering for Kontiki, seemingly unworried about competition. “To do this, you need to reach everyone with a consistent message and get them personally engaged in the conversation. This is the promise of 'YouTube for the Enterprise' and Kontiki Video Center is the only offering that combines unlimited reach with maximum engagement in one single solution.”

YouTube + Enterprise?

Okay, so claiming this was a non YouTube related post probably wasn’t the best idea. Kontiki’s whole shtick is that the popular platform isn’t the right place for the kids of business to be posting their confidential videos.

The company hopes their offering will evolve into THE professional alternative for such content. So far, big names like Charles Schwab, Coca Cola, Sephora, and Verizon have put their faith into the new platform. Will you be next?

The new Software as a Service offering, is being demonstrated this week at the Streaming Media West 2009 conference in San Jose if you’re interested.