kmworld,Top100 KM

Each year KMWorld publishes the top 100 knowledge management companies "with attitude." Relying on feedback from colleagues, analysts, system integrators and the vendors themselves, the annual list spotlights organizations that demonstrate a commitment to customer-driven innovation and exceptional market agility.

Below, a shortlist of industry standouts -- and why they made it this year.

But while it's important to have spunk, this year judges paid close attention to the economy. They considered companies’ ability to not only survive a potential catastrophe, but thrive and deliver solutions to help their customers succeed.

With that in mind, it's with pleasure that we say content management system -- both Web CMS and  Enterprise CMS -- vendors abound on this year's list, from Day Software to Jive, Open Text, SpringCM, PaperThin and SocialText.

A Few Highlights

Inmagic was cited for its ability to anticipate market demand for socialized knowledge management with its Inmagic Presto platform. It also actively engages customers in its technology and business development processes.

Autonomy was singled out for the business value its Meaning Based Computing technologies bring to customers.

PaperThin's CommonSpot shined for enabling customers span multiple industries: government, healthcare/life sciences, association/non-profit, and higher education, among others

ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform (IAP) boasts the ability to meet the diverse requirements of various markets, such as federal and local governments, engineering and manufacturing, energy, aviation, education, legal, law enforcement, and banking and finance. Its capacity to integrate with the full range of leading business applications used in these sectors made it stand out.

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