HP’s (news, site) Enterprises Service group is eyeing an increased market share in the Asia Pacific region by 2011, particularly focusing on cloud computing, managed security services and data management. To this end, HP highlights its recent acquisitions of Arcsight and Fortify, and its launch of ALM 11 as vehicles for an improved market presence in the region.

At a media event in Barcelona, Spain, vice president and general manager for HP’s Business Technology Optimization, Robin Purohit, said the company plans to expand its market share in Asia Pacific by 2011. While he did not disclose the details of this target, he identified two areas where HP plans to achieve this growth: security and cloud computing.

Security and Datacenter Management

“Many companies are looking to improve their core security capabilities but do not have the necessary skilled manpower to do so, which is why we see a clear opportunity for us to play in this space,” Purohit says. HP has highlighted its recent acquisition of security providers Arcsight and Fortify Software to boost the company’s capability in providing managed security services to clients.

Meanwhile, cloud computing is another area where HP plans to ramp up activities in the Asia Pacific region. More particularly, HP cites its capabilities in managing disparate, virtualized datacenter systems, which are a foundation of cloud computing services. Purohit says HP is in a position to help businesses manage their data systems through a networked infrastructure, with their experience in datacenter and cloud technologies.

Application Lifecycle Management

Additionally, HP has identified application testing to be another opportunity in the region. Outsourced BPO industries in India, China and the Philippines are seen as potential growth areas for HP’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11 platform, which was launched at the HP Universe 2010 conference, likewise in Barcelona.

Michael Sher, HP Asia Pacific & Japan director for application quality sales says that the company sees “huge opportunities” for ALM 11 in the region. He cited rising labor costs and scalability as being advantages of automated application quality and performance testing. These are factors that can help Asian BPO providers decide toward adopting HP’s platform for quality testing.

ALM 11 has capabilities for manual testing, automated functional testing, performance testing, and dynamic security testing meant for managing the quality of applications. Sher says quality assurance testing capabilities will help accelerate the rate of adoption of cloud services in the Asia Pacific region. “SLAs between vendors and companies must be maintained, which is why software testing is needed,” he says, adding that moving applications into the cloud will entail better transparency with such automated systems.

Gartner predicts that Asia Pacific sees an aggressive growth in enterprise IT spending in 2011, expenditures expected to top US$ 312 billion. This includes a projected 11.3% growth in software and 9.3% in IT services, fueled by the booming BPO industry in the region, among others.