jboss-leader.jpg Two Java-based portal projects are merging code bases in order to create a best of breed result through their combined strengths: eXo Platform SAS (news, site) and Red Hat's JBoss (news, site).

The goal? To merge JBoss Portal, eXo's Portal and eXo's Java Client Repository (JCR) into a single project that strikes the right balance of robustness and usability.

The Pieces

Who brings what to the table? According to Red Hat's Dr. Mark Little, Sr. Director of Middleware Engineering, “The eXo portal has some impressive functionality in terms of ease of use, UI flexibility and straightforward management administration; JBoss.org's current portal project has a robust engine, performance and security features."

Specifically, according to JBoss Portal Project lead Thomas Heute, each partner in this collaboration has specific responsibilities:

  • JBoss will provide its expertise on scalability, modularity, enterprise integration and middleware.
  • eXo will provide its expertise in application development and user interfaces.

Such a combination allows each team to focus on its core competencies. Given the reputation open source projects get for focusing far too much on the underpinnings and too little on the user experience, this collaboration does have a chance to lift JBoss up to new heights.

And for eXo Platform SAS, the merger offers the opportunity to build a stronger open source portal platform to serve as the underlying technology for their portfolio of content, collaboration and social networking enterprise solutions.

How Will It Happen?

eXo Platform now begins the work of migrating its code base to JBoss.org. There, the JBoss Portal project will integrate the code further. When the merger is complete, the resulting JBoss eXo Portal project will be licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).