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There are dozens of companies working away behind the headline-grabbing SharePoint that extend its capabilities and make it easier to use. One such company is EPM Live, an enterprise project management vendor that has just launched Outlook Publisher, enabling seamless synchronization between Outlook and SharePoint.

As an add-on to EMP Live’s flagship software WorkEngine, it takes emails and email content and converts them into work items inside SharePoint and accessible to WorkEngine users.

Outlook and SharePoint Extension

The idea is straightforward and aims to simplify the use of Outlook with SharePoint. Features include: 

  • Fully integrated ribbon controls that enable users create list items directly in Outlook, which is then mirrored in SharePoint
  • Automatic item tracking including ID, date and time tracking with all updates appended to the list item
  • Easy to use configuration tools that enable flexible filed configuration and list mapping.

While it is often the (relatively) simple things that make life easier, Outlook Publisher is only an add-on to a much wider platform designed to streamline enterprise project management by extending SharePoint.

EMP Live WorkEngine

EPM Live’s core product is a WorkEngine that enables users to organize and manage most enterprise projects from one solution while using familiar SharePoint content. It provides toolsets that can track and manage all projects, work and associated costs built on SharePoint.

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EPM Live's WorkEngine

WorkEngine has not only been built on SharePoint, but also comprehensively extends it so that, combined, they provide a business productivity and work management system based on a framework of feature rich web parts, MS Office Add-Ins and pre-built SharePoint apps.

It comes out-of-the box with a number of pre-configured options that can be applied across numerous enterprise tasks and verticals, as well as customized packages depending on the organization's needs.


Email and SharePoint

At this point in time, the need to extend email to all kinds of platforms has never been greater, especially since the release of Gartner's prediction that email and social media convergence will be a significant factor in the enterprise by 2014.

SharePoint is no different. Being able to add email management to SharePoint is quickly becoming necessary rather than just an afterthought.

With Outlook Publisher EPM adds email management for SharePoint to its WorkEngine Project Management platform and further extends the reach and use in the enterprise, as well as its marketability.