Document management software vendor DocuLex (news, site) continues to develop its email offering, this time with enhanced security that allows WebSearch, its email archiving and document management solution, to detect unauthorized and inappropriate content.

Using a filter, WebSearch can now monitor and control the content of email crossing a server using key words or phrases established by the system’s administrator as inappropriate, or unauthorized, and comes with a built in ability to inform system administrators when there have been breaches.

The offending email(s) will then be automatically isolated and reviewed.

Enhanced Email Capture

However, its not all about security. WebSearch also now comes with an ability to capture all circulating emails, organize them and their attachments, and archive them.

Combined with WebSearch's existing features, the entire lifecycle of emails can now be tracked with information automatically ingested even if emails have been automatically or deliberately deleted.

With obvious advantages for compliance issues, Doculex says the new feature will result in considerable savings in IT expenses.

Recent Email Upgrades

Leaving aside the content management aspects of WebSearch, DocuLex has been beefing up the e-mail side of this solution recently.

Early last month, it announced a partnership with dtSearch, which resulted in enhanced e-mail archiving abilities leveraging security features from IE8.

The integration of the two, saw dtSearch Engine embedded in the WebSearch component of DocuLex’s Archive Studio, allowing users pull mail -- both in-bound and outbound -- from Microsoft’s Exchange Journal mailbox.

Independent Email Archiving Process

With today’s announcement user involvement in the process of saving and archiving e-mail has been reduced to zero, as emails are automatically tracked, filed, stored and archived.

Coupled with Active Directory integration, WebSearch now manages all levels of security for e-mail and encompasses organization-wide, community, group and individual file security as well as activity logs that track what group, or individual has accessed what files.

Email deletion is now unavailable by users, access logs are maintained, and retention is managed by the records management module.

WebSearch also works as an off site disaster document recovery system leveraging advanced public-key encryption and unique digital signatures.

Security Concerns

A recent survey carried out by AIM entitled Email Management – the good, the bad, the ugly, showed that respondents spend more than an hour and a half per day processing their emails, with one in five spending three or more hours of their day and over half have hand-held access to email on phones, Blackberries and PDAs.

Conducted over the web with approximately 1,100 members of the AIIM community between March 23 and April 23, 2009, it contains this little gem too – that over 40% stored "important" emails in their personal Outlook folders.

With this kind of behaviour, it is hardly surprising that Doculex has seen fit to focus on enhanced security and retention abilities in its email archiving solution.