Email Archiving Comes to DocuLex's Enterprise CMS
A new partnership that will see DocuLex’s (news, site) Archive Studio integrate enterprise-wide search products developed by dtSearch, will provide enhanced e-mail archiving abilities leveraging security features from the recently launched IE8.

The integration of the two, which sees dtSearch Engine embedded in the WebSearch component of DocuLex’s Archive Studio, will allow users pull mail -- both in-bound and outbound -- from Microsoft’s Exchange Journal mailbox.

Compatible with Internet Explorer 8, the email archiving extension allows for instantaneous browser-based, full-text search using Archive Studio’s electronic repository.

And all this in a streamlined and secure environment that meet the rigorous security and privacy requirements of organizations such as the SEC and the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

Integrating Existing Features

The WebSearch component of Archive Studio allows users to bring content across the entire enterprise and secure it in an indexed, searchable and scalable electronic repository.

The content can be either centrally managed or user-managed depending on enterprise requirements on a single server. It also allows for end-to-end information control without additional IT requirements.

All content stored in the repository is maintained in permission-based libraries and can be searched using document descriptions or a combination of key-words.

For its part, dtSearch brings more than two dozen search options including Unicode support for hundreds of international languages and the ability to store over a terabyte of data in a single index.

dtSearch's built-in Spider allows for the local or remote search of public and secure dynamic and static web data.

Archive Studio is already a comprehensive enterprise content management package, but with the integration of dtSearch its email search and archiving capabilities have been greatly enhanced.

Enhanced Security Features

The new integrated e-mail ‘search and use’ facility allows for enhanced security of mailboxes through user permission access and tracking via Active Directory integration.

It also works as an offsite disaster document recovery system leveraging advanced public-key encryption and unique digital signatures.

Along with the ability to index huge repositories of information, the new capabilities will allow for searches using proprietary file formats which automatically highlight hits in all popular file types, listing them based on user-specified criteria.

A Complete Archiving Solution

Archive Studio will see its archiving capabilities greatly enhanced with this new ability to capture and archive both internal and external emails using a journaling function inherent in the client’s mail server.

The solution is for a Windows or browser-based, open system format and is accessible to both novice and experienced user alike.