logo-oracle.gif Underlining what it says is its commitment to open source communities and developers, Oracle (news, site) has just announced the release of a new enterprise pack consisting of a number of certified plug-ins that enable developers to build Java EE and Web Services applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

The new Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse supports development with technologies including Database, Java SE, Java EE, Web Services, XML and the Spring Framework, and comes with a new feature called AppXRay, which allows Java developers to work in team settings and reduces run time debugging and code quality.

The bottom line, Oracle says, is that this new pack will provide for shorter, faster release cycles that better keep pace with the underlying open source Eclipse platform, or more simply put -- higher quality development in less time.

And the benefits? There are four main ones including:

  • Enables WebLogic developers to combine their expertise in Eclipse with the capabilities of Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • It is enterprise ready and includes capabilities that enable the development, assembly, build, deployment, debugging and testing of Java SE, Java EE, Web Service, ORM and Spring applications.
  • It plugs into your existing Eclipse app, preserving configuration and customization work.
  • Supports multiple platform revisions.

This new enterprise pack is available already, but if you want to find out more you can check out this introductory video, or download it from the Oracle website.