sr2_logo.png Refresh Software has just released an updated version of its proprietary component content management offering. Woven together by DITA, XML and web publishing experts, SR2 7.1 utilizes an SOA-based J2EE content repository. It installs directly into the IT back-end and sports a simple interface for front-end users. SR2 also: * Automates the development of technical documentation * Makes it easy to author content on a hosted interface, or via Microsoft Word * Enables XML content publishing across the Web, or on intranets, internet, RSS and portals * Deploys DITA-based content architecture for topic-related authoring and content repurposing * Supports any programming language using Web services or SQL, including .NET and Java The updated offering also supports data migration, hot deploy external triggers, back-end search, and -- for the aesthetes -- customized WYSIWYG buttons.