In theory, these things strike many as a good idea. And, most notably, they might actually be. But they also strike fear in the hearts of CIOs world-wide. Is the cloud secure? Is the cloud compliant? Is the cloud performant enough not to frustrate the entire company?

And then beyond these questions, there are the economic realities.

SaaS vendors argue that their approach saves you money. Start-up costs are certainly lower, but long term TCO may be another story. The scenario needs to be modeled for your specific organization, if you want to decide with confidence.

SpringCM -- yes, a provider of SaaS enterprise content management solutions -- thinks they've got some valuable information to share. They're running a webinar tomorrow, called The Economics of SaaS vs. On Premises.

Topics include:

  • How to measure the costs and benefits of a solution over time
  • The case for SaaS payback
  • Why a platform (vs a point solution) can save a great deal of time and money

One additional angle that we found interesting is their approach to dealing with on-premise SharePoint when the core Enterprise CMS infrastructure lives in the cloud. You might ask about this.

You can sign-up now. The event runs tomorrow, Thurs. August 6th at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific time).