SDL Tridion Enterprise Web Content Management System

SDL Tridion (news, site) has released a connector for the print publishing favorite Adobe InDesign.

Merging the worlds of print and web will allow organizations to re-use content for different output channels, while doing creative work in InDesign. Ideally, the goal is to achieve greater message consistency and efficiency.

What Can SDL's InDesign Connector Do for Me?

SDL Tridion is known for providing web content management with SDL Tridion R5 Web CMS and translation services with a number of products. With a growing number of utilities to augment its core products, Connector for InDesign is the latest addition and designed to make it easier for text to flow between the online and print media channels.

Connector for InDesign allows the creators of editorial content to work on their content in the CMS. Then, designers can have independent and instant access to that content, while doing creative work for print materials in their preferred tool. If a campaign relies on both online and printed content, then Connector for InDesign allows the text to match up, maintaining the company message in both forms.

As Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO of SDL Tridion puts it, “Web and print is still a proven and effective combination for integrated marketing campaigns. However, these channels are often managed in different systems and you need several stakeholders to get the job done. The combination of the two is often difficult to control and includes a high risk of inconsistent messaging in different communication channels and different regions.”


Connector for InDesign: Integrating Content from Web to Print

Messages That Match

Rival to QuarkXpress, the legendary desktop publishing application, Adobe InDesign is a familiar sight in modern publishing houses. However, the traditional publishing paradigm of a writer passing the text on to an editor, to a designer to a proofer means that content can change and be stored in various locations.

Connector for InDesign allows you to have a unified version of content that is always available, so that web content managers can access and publish online information, regardless of what is happening on the print side.

Global Focus

When used with SDL Tridion’s BluePrinting technology and translation management capabilities, organizations can localize content for web, print and other channels, and output it in different languages.

In order for your information to be timely and accurate when working with different departments, offices and branches around the world, it is particularly essential to have tools and processes in place. The SDL Tridion's connector for InDesign (priced at US$ 30,000) can be one of the solutions.