BA-Insights Secures US$6M Funding for Enterprise Search A little funding news for your Monday afternoon. BA-Insight, provider of enterprise search solutions built on Microsoft technologies, have secured a tidy sum of US$ 6 million in funding.

A Key Microsoft Partner for Enterprise Search 

At the Worldwide Microsoft 2010 Partner conference held in Washington this past July, BA-Insight was named one of Microsoft's key Enterprise Search partners for SharePoint and FAST Search. The BA-Insight Longitude search solution had just been upgraded to version 4.0 the month before with a whole list of enhancements including:

  • Parametric search
  • Indexing of email and associated attachments
  • Linking of structured and unstructured data
  • Text recognition within an image format (OCR is executed on the fly)

Longitude v4 offers the ability to connect to over 20 business systems including a number of ERP, CRM and ECM solutions. 

Longitude v4

Making Money with SharePoint

A solution that integrates and extends SharePoint is going to have a lot of potential clients. Which means one can clearly see why a venture firm like New York-based Milestone Venture Partners would want a piece of the action. In addition to Milestone Venture Partners, Paladin Capital Group and Osage Venture Partners also invested. 

Joining the board of directors will be Todd Pietri of Milestone Venture Partners and Philip Eliot of Paladin Capital Group and Nate Lentz of Osage Venture Partners will be a Board observer.

So what to do with US$ 6 million? The company indicates it will grow and extend its products, developed specifically for SharePoint, do more marketing and sales/support activities -- about what you would expect.


BA-Insight’s next-generation enterprise search technology moves it beyond traditional search,” explained Sue Feldman, Vice President of Search and Discovery Technologies at IDC. “Delivering intelligent search-based applications is the next frontier for enterprise search. Having a flexible framework on which to build these can unite access to both unstructured and structured data across information silos, giving decision makers a full view of their businesses.”

The Value of Enterprise Search

I don't think anyone questions the value of strong enterprise search today. Not with the ever growing mounds of information sitting in any number of repositories and business systems. It's not logical to assume we can pull it all together into a single location (read: Harvest Your Silos, Don't Smash Them: Information Agility with Open Standards). It's clear the value that enterprise search vendors who focus on providing business system connectors can bring to an organization.

If you are using SharePoint and need to extend its search capabilities quickly, BA-Insight is a vendor to check out.