Although many of us may still be feeling the effects of a recession, content management certainly isn't. As the market continues to grow worldwide, Asia Pacific is no exception. A recent survey by IDC (news, site) indicates a 12 percent growth in the content management market.

According to recent research by IDC -- the IDC Asia/Pacific Semiannual Content Management Applications Tracker -- the content management market in Asia Pacific can't complain. The market, in comparison to last year, has grown 12 percent and within the first half of 2010 grossed US$ 122 million. This data is pretty encouraging, especially if we consider the fact that the survey doesn't include Japan, a major market.

Where is the Highest Demand for Content Management?

If Japan were included in the survey, the figures might look different, but even without Japan and its market, it's easy to spot both the countries whose pastures are the greenest, and those countries whose content management revenue isn't that big.

Not surprisingly, “Australia, Korea, India and Singapore made up 77% of the total revenue for the CM market in the region.” Greater China is also a key player, but for now its share isn't as big as the share of the other four countries. 

Predictions Anybody?

The penetration of content management in Asia Pacific is far from complete. Its growth is bound to continue, with many factors providing new stimulation -- the question is more about the rate of growth and how the growth will be distributed among the different countries and vendors of content management systems.

Analyst predictions about the growth rate of the content management market in Asia Pacific vary. For instance, Frost & Sullivan -- who include Japan in their survey -- predict that only the secure content management (SCM) market in Asia Pacific will grow by 15.4 percent in 2010 and its revenues will be US$ 522 million. On the other hand, IDC predicts that the market will reach US$ 477 million by 2015 but since their predictions exclude Japan, it explains why their forecast is so modest.

In any case, compliance initiatives and regulations are two factors that will drive the growth of the content management market in Asia Pacific. The room for growth is especially big in India, Singapore, China and the PRC, leaving only one piece of advice -- direct your efforts to Asia Pacific and reap the benefits of the potential market growth there.